Mertan has been in the construction business for more than a quarter of a century. So far Our Company has successfully completed and launched all the construction contracts on time with no dissension

Along with construction projects, Our Company has two major investments on Agriculture, Farming and Mining Industry located in Adana and Kayseri. (Apple Farming, Livestock Breeding and Pumice & Stone Mining)

Our goal is to be the leader in the industry by delivering each and every construction projects without compromising the quality and our work ethic.

Our vision is to form new functional solutions and to be the initiator of our sector without making any concessions in terms of quality and by meeting the expectations of our customers excessively.

Our business policy is to meet the expectations of our customers perfectly and on time on each and every occasion; to supply them with the best service which is respectful to the natural environment, which will ensure the highest customer satisfaction in terms of function.

The success that the company has experienced in numerous projects in Turkiye since the year it was founded can be attributed to the fact that is possess an expert team working with state on the art technology and a vast fleet of vechiles.



Mertan Agriculture Entreprises was founded in 2003 for the purpose of milk production and stockfarming...

Mertan Machine has actions to provide and operational heavy duty rent actions towards its customers...

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